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How to Take Action: Educated Taxpayers + Action! = Less Abuse
Consolidate Special Taxing Districts

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Taxpayers Guide Consolidate Special Taxing Districts

The Taxpayers’ Guide is your blueprint to consolidate a special taxing district. It provides all the information you need to rid your community of inefficient and wasteful special districts, and to understand the process behind it all.

Why should you consolidate? Simply put, you are being fiscally abused by your special district. Your wallet has less money in it because of special districts and you are being treated unfairly just because you happen to live in one!

Now is the time to end the abuse. Join fellow community members and help end special districts unethical practices in Nassau County.

If you would like to help advocate for change, here are two ways to take action:

Get Educated: learn more about special districts and how they drain your wallets through
waste, inefficiency and corruption. Find out what you can do to have special districts in your
community either through consolidation or dissolution.

Legislative Action: get involved to help advocate for fairer laws that will help change the way special districts operate.


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Nassau Taxpayers Guide to Consolidating Special Districts
IntroductionNew NY Citizenís Empowerment ActLegislative ActionHow to ConsolidateResourcesContact Us
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